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It's like I'm staring right into the face of all things evil. It is that terrifying. Thank you for giving me nightmares Katta, I really...

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Hey guys I decided I would try something out where I write a story with my characters and make a poster in SFM based on a scene from the story, it's my first shot at writing a story so please I would really like your feed back instead of just a generic fave I want to know what you guys think! See ya


After a long day of school it was time to head home. Amanda was walking down the street, waiting to tell her dad what she had done today but then she remembered something from earlier this morning, Mark wasn't feeling like himself. He seemed very sad and depressed he didn't even give Amanda the special hug! She knew something was wrong and knew she had to fix it. But how?

"Hmm, what does daddy like? Oh I know, he likes roses! He that word everywhere in his room, he'll love it!" said Amanda. She continued walking down the street hoping to find a rose somewhere, then she saw a small bed of flowers. She smiled and quickly ran over to it and bent down to pick the perfect one.

"Now, which one of you should I take?" she said as she inspected the small garden hoping to find the perfect one. While looking, she heard a rustle coming from the cluster of roses she dismissed it as just the wind but got suspicious as it kept happening. She moved some roses away from where the sound was coming from and what she saw shocked her. It seemed to be a little creature but not one she'd ever seen before, it had a small round head with three spikes sticking out from it. It seemed to have a short little body, covered by what looked like a leaf with a yellow line going down the center. But the most noticeable feature was the two flowers which acted as hands, one red and one blue. The creature looked up at the girl with a confused expression and Amanda looked down at it and said

“Aww, you’re so cute! What’s your name?” The creature sort of blushed and tried to speak but all that came out was a dry, raspy voice. “Oh, you poor thing! You must need a drink, here I have a bottle!” Amanda then opened her bag and took out a bottle of spring water and held up to the creatures lips like a little baby

The creature then took huge gulps, finishing the water in two seconds Amanda was shocked at how fast it drank but she was happy that it was no longer thirsty. The Creature stepped back with a huge smile and started jumping up and down while saying “Rose! Rose-Roselia!” Amanda smiled as she heard the creature talk giving her the impression that it was a girl.

“So, is your name Roselia?” she asked. The Roselia nodded it’s head in response and did a little twirl for the girl in thanks for helping her. “Wow, you are very pretty! Hey, Roselia. If you want to would you like to come home with me? We have a lot of flowers at out place, so I’m sure you’d love it!” Amanda said.

“Roselia, Roselia!” the Roselia said. Amanda accepted that this was the creatures way of speaking but by the tone she could tell it was a yes. Amanda squeed with glee as she carefully picked up the Roselia and but it on her shoulder and walked all the way home with her new friend.


Meanwhile at the house, Mark was lying down in his bed looking up at a picture of his wife Rose. Today was the day that she had died in the crash and that was the reason why Mark was upset the entire day. Still, he had yet to tell Amanda the truth. For the last years he had been lying to her by saying she was always busy, the guilt inside of him was toturing him each and everyday. He knew he had to tell her but how? Mark then heard a distant giggling outside, he got up and walked over to the window and saw the his girl skipping down the street.

“Heh, she seems more happy than usual. Well, better go down and greet her.” He said as he kissed the photo and set it down as he walked down stairs to the door, opened it and walked over to his daughter not noticing the Roselia.

“There she is! How’s my little princess doing?” he said as he knelt down to meet his daughter eye to eye.

“Hi, Daddy! I’m doing great! Look I made a new friend!” she said as she then held out the little creature in her arms.

“Well, that’s just wonderful-OH MY GOSH!!” Mark screamed as he jumped back a bit as the creature was shown to him. He then knelt down again and looked at the Roselia. Amanda giggled and said

“This is Roselia! I found her on the way back from school, isn’t she pretty?” Roselia then did a little pose infront of the confused Mark.

“W-Well t-that’s correct…but..Why did you bring it home?” he asked hoping Amanda would give a perfect reason. Amanda then explained how sad he was this morning so she thought to give him a rose but instead found Roselia. “W-Well…Amanda, that’s very sweet of you but…are you sure you can look after something like this?” he said as he inspected Roselia to make sure she wasn’t dangerous.

“I know I can, she drinks water and loves plants! It’ll be easy!” Amanda said as she brought roselia back to her face and snuggled her. Mark then thought about what Amanda said ‘Drinks water and loves plants’. He then thought back to his wife, she loved plants a lot and the only thing she ever drunk was water and the poses she did when she danced looked a lot like the poses Roselia did. Could she be..? No, Mark never believed in that kind of stuff but then when he took another look at the Roselia, he couldn’t help but smile as he did see his wife in there. He got a bit teary eyed and said

“O-Okay Sweeite..We can keep her.” Said Mark wiping his eyes a bit. Amanda squeed and looked at Roselia with glee and said

“You here that Roselia, you get to stay here!” Roselia smiled as well and then jumped up onto Amanda’s beanie and did a little twirl in celebration. “Ros-Roselia!” it said.

“Um Sweetie? Can I hold her for a bit while you go and get ready?” Mark said as he stood up. Amanda agreed and gave Roselia over to him and went inside to get unpacked and ready for Afteroon tea. Mark looked at Roselia in the face and smiled. The Roselia smiled at Mark and gave her a wink as if to say “It’s me, Mark”. Mark leaned in a pecked the Roselia on the cheek and said.

“Welcome home Rose…I’ve missed you.”

Discord Server!
Yeah, I decided that I would try out hosting a Discord server! I'm not forcing you to join but I feel like it would be great if you did! 

Here's the Link to join.
The Big Fight
This is my entry for :iconrobinasplind:'s contest. And hey, that robot looks familiar!

This was my first poster in which I tried the particle editor.
The Train
The train, has arrived.....

Just wanted to test out the train model that was on the workshop. I feel like this poster came out well. Please let me know what you think, I'd really like some feedback.
Bring Your Daughter to Work Day
Well, this is one excursion she won't forget.

This is just a random picture I made last year that I never uploaded, in fact, I have a lot of Posters to upload, so expect more soon!
Wow, 50 watches....I don't know what to say. I never thought that I would never get this far, I can't thank you guys enough for this, it really means alot to me, I really feel like I've accomplished something.     

UPDATE: Well, since no one has entered and seeing how close the deadline is, I'm cancelling the contest. So yeah. BYE.



I am not that good a drawer, but I try and I love making Gmod pics


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